Selecting Model Parameters

  • Choose your desired model from our available financial models.
  • Once you navigate to the model, the first screen you will see the the Select Parameters tab. 
  • This tab allows you to toggle your desired parameter inputs (which vary between models). 
  • You can reset to default parameters by clicking the Reset Parameters button in the top right corner. These defaults have been hand selected by our team to match a common use case for each model.

Running and View Model Results

  • Once you are happy with the selected parameters, simply clicking the 2. Run and View Results tab on the left will start the model running. Depending on the model, it can take anywhere between 5 seconds to 2 minutes to generate the results.
  • Once the results are loaded you will see a screen similar to the following screenshot. 
  • The table provides an interactive way to drill-down into how each number was generated. Simply press the once of the numbers to drill-down, you will see a pop-up modal. This shows you can be confident in our numbers and methodology, as everything is there to see.

Exporting Results to Excel

  • Once the results have been loaded within the 2. Run and View Results tab, a button just above the results table will appear.
  • Click the Export Model to Excel Workbook to generate a workbook with a summary, and calculation data. This can be plugged into your in-house models very easily.
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