Chart Builder allows you to create customized charts using the existing Time Series Data available in Regulator Edge.

In Chart Builder you can define the following:

  • Multiple Time Series
  • Left and Right Axis Scales
  • Title
  • Date Range

By Default the Output Graph on Chart Builder will be blank until you define at least one timeseries chart for it to plot. Chart Builder will dynamically generate the chart as you define more parameters.


  1. Click on Add Timeseries under the Left Axis Chart heading.
  2. Select the Timeseries Data you wish to plot. Click Close to confirm.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 - 2 if you want to plot additional time series using the right hand axis.
  4. Click Edit Title
  5. Type in the title for your chart and Click Save
  6. Enter in the desired Start and End Date for your chart, and Hit Enter on your keyboard to update the chart.
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