The Team Management page allows team administrators to view all user accounts within their subscription, create new accounts, edit the details and permissions of existing accounts and delete old accounts.

Accessing the Page

In order to view the Team Management page, your account must have team administrator privileges. Users with these privileges will be able to access the page using the “Team Management” button on the left side of the page. Please contact us if you cannot access the Team Management page and believe you should be an administrator of your team.

View Current Accounts

When clicking on the “Team Management” button on the side bar you will be brought to the Team Management page. The page contains a table of all user accounts that are associated with your subscription. At a glance you can view all essential information including users’ names, email addresses and access permissions.

Change Row Order by Category

The column by which the rows are ordered is denoted by a green bar above the column. Ordering the rows by a different column can be done by using the mouse to click on the title of the other column. The current ordering can be reversed by using the mouse to click on the selected column title again.

Create User

The “Create User” button is used to make a new user account. It is located on the Team Management page, just above the top left corner of the user accounts table. To create a new user:

  1. Click on the “Create User” button
  2. Fill out the user’s details in the form that appears. Details on the fields can be found in the user account section.
  3. Submit the form by clicking on the “Create User” button
  4. If any of the required fields were completed incorrectly, a red border will appear around each incorrect field with a message describing the issue

User Account

User ID (Required)

The user ID is used to login to the new account. The user id must be unique and all characters in the user Id must be numbers or lowercase letters.

First Name (Required)

This can be changed by the new user via their profile page after the account is created.

Last Name (Required)

This can be changed by the new user via their profile page after the account is created.

Email (Required)

All emails intended for the user account will be sent to the address provided in this field. Only email addresses from a domain linked to your subscription are allowed. To add another email domain to your subscription, click on the help link just above the top right corner of the table and send a message to our team.

When created with the “Send Welcome Email” option selected, a welcome email will be sent to the given address with the account’s user ID and initial password, which can be changed by the user.

Subscription (Required)

The subscription of the new account is restricted to the subscription of the administrator that is logged in.

Brand (Required)

This determines the default brand for the account that will be used as the initially selected value throughout the application. The list of brands presented in the dropdown box are determined by the settings of the subscription. To update the list of brands, click on the help link just above the top right corner of the user accounts table and send a message to our team.

Module Access (Optional)

You can control whether the new user account has access to each Regulatory Edge module enabled under your subscription. In order for the account to see and access a module, the checkbox next to the module’s name must be selected when the account is created.

A team administrator can later update access to these modules by clicking the edit button for the account on the team management page.

Regulatory Edge WACC Module:

This provides access to:

  • Regulation Tools
  • Financial Models
  • Timeseries Charts
  • Excel Integration
  • Bespoke Labs

Benchmarking Module

This provides access to:

  • Benchmarking Tools

Team Administrator Privileges

This section allows you to indicate whether the account created is an admin account for your subscription.

Warning: Giving team administrator privileges to an account allows it to create, edit or delete other accounts in your subscription, including your own.

Administrator privileges can be added or removed from an existing account by team administrators via the Team Management page.

Send Welcome Email

If selected, this option will send an email with a link to login and change the temporary password. The email is sent to the email address provided in the “Email” field of the form.

Edit User

As a team administrator you can edit the details of any user account in your subscription (excluding the user ID) by clicking the “Edit” button on the user’s row in the user accounts table. The “Edit User” form will appear.

Note: Any user may edit the personal details of their own account via their profile page.

Delete User

To delete a user account in your subscription:

  1. In the user accounts table, click on the “Delete” button next to the user you wish to delete
  2. Confirm the delete by pressing the “Confirm” button or keep the account by pressing the “Cancel” button

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